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All! Covid19

Take this Pandemic as a real threat to not only your health but to everyone. Yes, there are crazies out there but choose you information correctly. This is a true threat. Read from medical authorities what each patient goes through when infected. The mortality rate is many times higher than the Flu. The impact of this virus is its ability to debilitate the health and immune system. That sets up the body for opportunistic infections which attack the lungs and cause pneumonia especially lower lobe invasion.

What can you do? China has great results in using Traditional Chinese Medicine to combat the components of the infection. Herbal soups have shown impact on the health of infected people and enabled them recover from the effects of the virus.

If you are an Internal Artist, practice with intent on moving your energy. If you have Qigong routines practice them daily. More practice a day increases the body’s capabilities to resist disease. If you don’t have the background learn to do the Eight Brocades. Everyone can practice them at the level that meets their needs. Golden Flower Internal Arts will be working on our web page to get this information out. Look for the health page link.

Eat healthy. Fermented foods will provide support for your intestinal biome. Look for Kim Chee in your supermarket or make it at home. We have a recipe on our health page.

Soap is your greatest weapon. Bleach and alcohol work but soap is readily available. Soap attacks the coating of the virus and tears it apart. Wash your hands at least three times a day even is you do not leave your house. Disinfect your phone with an alcohol rub. Wash down all knobs including the cars doors and your inside and outside door knobs. Stay at home an read.

 Instruction in Yang Tai Chi Chuan, Bagua Zhang and Qigong.
Exercise classes based on the principles of the Internal Martial Arts and various Qigong and Daoyin sets.

Private, Semi Private and Group Classes  –  Focused Seminars

Master Alan teaches in Newton just west of Boston, Ma

Master Jimmy teaches in Duxbury, Ma 25 miles south of Boston

Sifu Bob teaches in the southern states.

Yang Tai Chi Chuan – short and long Yang form. Tai Chi Chuan is an exercise that can be practiced by anyone. Its practice is noted to have significant health and psychological benefits.

Bagua Zhang is a Chinese martial art that is similar to Tai Chi in that it can be practiced for exercise and health benefits. It is practiced by walking in circles and changing direction with a prescribed form. This provides stretching and balance improvements as well as a level of exertion to increase the person’s energy level.

Qigong is a word that refers to any exercise that improves a person’s health and well being. It is practiced in many forms throughout the world and is a basic practice in Chinese hospitals for medical treatments. Forms are based on the individual’s need and are practiced daily for best effect.

Golden Flower Internal Arts is dedicated to the teaching of the internal arts.  Classes and seminars in Tai Chi Chuan and Baguazhang and Qigong are available.

Tai Chi Chuan classes are in the Yang form as taught by Grand Master William C. C. Chen, Professor Cheng and T.T. Liang.

Baguazhang (Pakuazhang) is taught and covers the basic concepts of the trigram system and is focused on each of the 8 palms.

Call 781-659-7767 for information or email us. 

Golden Flower Publishing

is publishing a series of volumes related to the Internal Arts. A list of published volumes will be maintained below.

All books are on the Amazon site listed below

Sifu Bob’s Books

Tai Chi Chuan – the Fundamentals

A book a long time in teh making but it has arrived. This is information from teh Yang style following the linage of Yang – the Professor, Grandmaster Chen and Grandmaster Liang. Notes gathered over 50 years and uncounted session with and without the masters went into the making. Is it the best ? I do not think so when I read the books of Cheng Wei Ming and the professor but I did my best and have heard good reports. This is the beginning with volume two being down in the weeds. Next will be a pair of introduction volumes on Tui Shou and San Shou. Volume two will follow. I am hoping the first two before EOY and the second volume early 2021. It is finished but needs a lot more work. The Dao (Knife)  is also finished but needs pictures.


Tai Chi Cane

The Cane is not an original TCC weapon. TT invited a teacher to teach in his studio for a couple of weeks and saw a Shaolin cane set. He took it and made it his own. I have practiced it for years and slightly modified it to be more two sided balanced. A short video has been requested by one of my friends and is in the works. No charge just on the site.


An introduction to a set of Internal Qigong exercises to release blockages and keep the flow of energy moving through all parts of the body. A  volume for all interested in Internal Arts whether you are a Martial Artist, meditator,  a yoga practitioner or just looking for another exercise set.


Exercises from the internal systems to stretch and strength the body.


An esoteric set of 36 exercises for the dedicated meditator or anyone interested in long life and good health. As one TCM doctor says “For those living to be 100!”

Golden Flower Book Series

All volumes available in Kindle and Soft Cover.

Volumes in development

Tai Chi Chuan Basics – Summer 2019

Advanced Tai Chi Chuan

San Shou

Tou Shou



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