As Grandmaster T. T. Liang would always say ” you need teachers and you need books”  He was always sitting with some ancient Chinese book on some part of the art.  Grandmaster Chen has a number of books and articles and has been asking me to write. So, here is the first of my published books with three more on the way.  A total of 12 planned to cover the Internal Arts.  In the meantime, if you need to buy a book on Tai Chi, I have listed a number of essential books below.  This list will grow as I find the books that I find essential reading.  They are in my library and are well worn.  I recommend each one of them.  More will be listed as I get time to review what is available in either E Book or hard copy so bookmark this page and come here before you buy.

All of my books are published on Amazon and available in soft cover and e book.

My latest book on basic Qigong practices published and available on Amazon in E-Book or Hard Copy.

Qigong – a basic volume, the first in the Internal Arts Series, it is available in paper back and E book on the Amazon site.

Daoyin, another in the Internal Arts series it is a companion volume of the Qigong book allowing a broad range of exercises to support the Qigong efforts.

An esoteric volume in the Internal Arts Series, it provides a number of Internal Exercises for those looking to reach 100.