Chants are non denominational. I have added some that are used in the east and are easy to learn. Chanting is a meditative process and a development of a state of mind. Think as you practice these that they are for health and safety to all. I will do a book on the internals of chanting later. More pressing issues now such as chanting. If you have ever down a prayer circle remember that you still can do one electronically and there is no such thing as distance – it is in the mind. So contact those that you have joined with in the past and do some prayers or chants. The world needs them now.

Om Mani Padre Hum 


Om Muni Muni Maha Muni ye soha

Om Tare Turi Tutari Turi Soha

Tayatha Om Pekatse Pekatse Maha Pekatse Raza Samu Gati Soha

Om – AUM make it long and sound out each part