Master Jimmy

Master Jimmy is a student of Grandmaster Chen and Grandmaster Liang. He is also a long time student of Dr. John P. Painter in Bagua. Master Jimmy has studied a number of arts and continues to teach at Duxbury after Dark. Jimmy has an extensive history in the martial arts with Bagua, Kali and Karate among his styles. He currently owns a very successful financial management firm.

1996 – 2000 
Jiulong Bagua Zhang 
Study Group Leader 
Dr. John Painter 

1989- present 
Black Belt 
Advanced Instructor’s Certificate 
International Modern Arnis Federation 
Grandmaster Remy Amador Presas 

1975- present 
Certified Instructor 
Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan 
Grandmaster William C. C. Chen 

Long Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan 
Grandmaster T. T. Liang 
2 person sparring set 
Double edge sword with tassel 
Broadsword with tassel 
Double Broadsword with tassel 

Hsing Ying Ge Lan Bagua Palm Study Society 
Beijing Yu Shin Bagua Lien Huan Zhang 
Turning Body Linking Palms 
Bagua Yin Yang Eight Palm Linking Set 
Wild Goose Chi Kung 
Master Zhang Jie 

Shotokan Karate 


Short Stick 
Double Short Stick 

Vipassana Meditation since 1978 


Master Jimmy