Golden Flower Internal Arts

It dulls the sharp edges resolves perplexities softens the glare.

Sifu Bob

Sifu Bob

Master Alan

Master Alan Shapiro

Master Jimmy

Master Jimmy Morris

We are three practitioners of Tai Ch'i Chuan and associated arts and the former South Shore Internal Arts of Massachusetts. Alan and Jimmy are located in Massachusetts and Bob is in Florida. We are all 50 year + practitioners of Internal Arts of Tai Ch'i Chuan, Baguazhang and Qigong and are certified instructors with the William C.C. Chen school of Tai Ch'i Chuan in New York City

Golden Flower Internal Arts

 Stay at home an read. Instruction in Yang Tai Chi Chuan, Bagua Zhang and Qigong.

 Exercise classes based on the principles of the Internal Martial Arts and various Qigong and Daoyin sets. 

 Private, Semi Private and Group Classes – Focused Seminars 

 Master Alan teaches in Newton just west of Boston, Ma

 Master Jimmy teaches in Duxbury, Ma 25 miles south of Boston 

 Sifu Bob teaches in the southern states. Yang Tai Chi Chuan – short and long Yang form. 

Tai Chi Chuan

 is an exercise that can be practiced by anyone. Its practice is noted to have significant health and psychological benefits.

Bagua Zhang 

 is a Chinese martial art that is similar to Tai Chi in that it can be practiced for exercise and health benefits. It is practiced by walking in circles and changing direction with a prescribed form. This provides stretching and balance improvements as well as a level of exertion to increase the person’s energy level.


 is a word that refers to any exercise that improves a person’s health and well being. It is practiced in many forms throughout the world and is a basic practice in Chinese hospitals for medical treatments. Forms are based on the individual’s need and are practiced daily for best effect.

Golden Flower Internal Arts 

is dedicated to the teaching of the internal arts. Classes and seminars in Tai Chi Chuan and Baguazhang and Qigong are available. 

Tai Chi Chuan 

Classes are in the Yang form as taught by Grand Master William C. C. Chen, Professor Cheng and T.T. Liang


 (Pakuazhang) is taught and covers the basic concepts of the trigram system and is focused on each of the 8 palms.

 Call 781-659-7767 for information or email us

Golden Flower Publishing

 is publishing a series of volumes related to the Internal Arts. A list of published volumes will be maintained below. All books are on the Amazon site listed below 

 Sifu Bob’s Books