Sifu Bob

Thus it is that firmness and strength are the concomitants of death; softness and weakness, the concomitants of life.

Sifu Bob

Bob Downey started studying Martial Arts in the late 60’s. After studying a wide variety of Martial Arts he concentrated on the Chinese Martial Arts. He studied in the Chinese Arts – Seven Star and Cross Step Preying Mantis, Shaolin Temple Boxing, Wing Chun and Tai Ch’i Ch’uan until the early 70’s and then decided to focus on the internal arts. He studied Tai Chi Ch’uan under Paul Gallagher and then moved to the Boston area to study with Grandmaster T. T. Liang. Bob practiced and taught at Grandmaster Liang’s Tai Ch’i Dance Association until Grandmaster Liang moved to Minnesota in the mid 80’s. He has studied with Grandmaster William C. C. Chen since moving to the Boston area and is a graduate of Grandmaster Chen’s school and a Certified Instructor.

Grandmaster Chen has asked Bob to write a book on the William Chen system. He has started and published a series of books starting on the base levels for studying an internal system and working up to complete volumes on Tai Chi Chuan broken down into various aspects of the system. Also will be books on other aspects of the internal arts. Please follow on Amazon for the latest volumes or check on this page as he writes many more books using the teachings he has received.

Bob has also studied various styles of Baguazhang since 1975 and has been playing Jiulong Baguazhang for the last 20+ years. Bob also studies the Yijing and practices Qigong and herbal medicine and studies Tibetan Buddhism. Currently he is teaching at his private studio in Madison Florida. He regularly visits the Chen School of NY. He has retired from his career as a security professional but continues with volunteer emergency service and is spending the majority of his time on research and teaching of the internal arts.

Contact: 781-659-7767 or by email

by Sifu Bob