Videos and Pictures

We have not linked any of the picture and video pages back yet. We did lose some pictures but will find appropriate alternatives.

Pictures and Videos

In 1998, Grandmaster Chen started talking about retirement. I panicked and decided that I had to get down to the studio as much as possible. My employment had started to allow me time off and I began a stretch of all my free time being in NYC! That amounted to 5 weeks vacation and any three or four days I could get off. It was a simple ride up to the train station and a 3 hour and 15 minute ride to Madison Square terminal known as Penn Station. I found a great hotel that treated me like family - only after some really interesting times. More about that elsewhere when I feel like complaining. At the time, work shops only consisted of a 2 week workshop. Much too much for a normal person to last. He soon decided to break it up to quarterly workshops and the fun began. It was like starting over. GMC teaches everything he knows. You listen to everything he says. I would get next to him when doing the form and followed his every move even scratching my nose when he did! I decided that all what he was giving out needed some documentation and started taking pictures. During the time from 1998 to 2013, I missed only a couple of workshops due to kidney stones and a broken leg. I was even down there when I had shingles staying away from everyone but still working.

So enjoy what is here. You will see gaps. Thanks to my first web hosting company losing my web pages and then more lost when lightning hit the house here in the Lightning state of the nation -Florida. I lost 4 that is FOUR terabytes of data and an estimated $15,000 of electronics in the house. So that explains the gaps. I am now saving everything in an unconnected USB drive-or as much as I can put on it.

I will continue to update the pages here. I do not get up to NYC due to being in the middle of nowhere. I look forward to the end of this Pandemic so I can get up there even if I go by Kayak. I will post some home made videos of what I am doing but they are what they are.