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A listing of Golden Flower books and any other books or articles that are of interest to the Internal Martial Arts Practitioner

As Grandmaster T. T. Liang would always say - you need teachers and you need books” He was always sitting with some ancient Chinese book on some part of the art. Grandmaster Chen has a number of books and articles and has been asking me to write. So, here is a list of my published books with many more on the way. A total of 12 were planned to cover the Internal Arts. I believe that is just the first attempt. In the meantime, if you need to buy a book on the Internal, I have listed my books and some essential books below. This list will grow as I find the books that I find essential reading. They are in my library and are well worn. I recommend each one of them. More will be listed as I get time to review what is available in either E Book or hard copy so bookmark this page and come here before you buy.

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    Tai Chi Chuan – the Fundamentals

    A book a long time in the making but it has arrived. This is information from the Yang style following the lineage of Yang – the Professor, Grandmaster Chen and Grandmaster Liang.

    Notes gathered over 50 years and uncounted session with and without the masters went into the making. Is it the BEST? I do not think so when I read the books of Cheng Wei Ming and the professor but I did my best and have heard good reports. This is the beginning with volume two being down in the weeds.

    Tai Ch'i Chuan Cane

    Tai Chi Cane is not a traditional weapon used in Tai Chi Chuan. T.T. Liang saw this form and decided to modify it for Tai Chi Chuan. This is a variation of his new form and covers application and usage of the cane in an Internal manner.

    The Cane is not an original TCC weapon. TT invited a teacher to teach in his studio for a couple of weeks and saw a Shaolin cane set. He took it and made it his own. I have practiced it for years and slightly modified it to be more two sided balanced. A short video has been requested by one of my friends and is in the works. No charge just on the site.

    Internal Arts Primer

    This volume covers the three major Internal arts and provides a high level description of each and a series of exercises focused on each art. For the beginner or advanced Martial artist who is looking to learn more about the Internal arts and which would be of interest to study. This book provides enough information to start a simple practice but anyone interested should the advance to an appropriate teacher.

    Eighteen and Eights

    Eighteen Lohan and Eight Brocades are the most popular Qigong sets. Each has its place in the study of Internal arts. This book provides a complete breakdown of each Qigong set and the basic understanding to start practicing the sets to increase energy and health as well as understanding the Internal movements of energy. This volume will be followed by a second focusing on the esoteric energy work associated with there valuable Internal exercises.

    Qigong for Internal Growth

    Qigong – a basic volume, the first in the Internal Arts Series, it is available in paper back and E book on the Amazon site. This volume provides basic understanding of the body and how to practice simple exercises to develop the energy in the body.

    It is an introduction to a set of Internal Qigong exercises to release blockages and keep the flow of energy moving through all parts of the body.

    Inner Brocades

    An esoteric set of 36 exercises for the dedicated meditator or anyone interested in long life and good health. As one TCM doctor says “For those living to be 100!”


    Daoyin, another in the Internal Arts series it is a companion volume of the Qigong book allowing a broad range of exercises to support the Qigong efforts.

    A volume for all interested in Internal Arts whether you are a Martial Artist, meditator, a yoga practitioner or just looking for another exercise set. Daoyin Exercises from the internal systems to stretch and strength the body.

    The Dao - the Chinese Knife

    This volume on the Dao - the Chinese Single edge saber, has been published. This book took a lot of effort to get the details. The knife is such a good weapon to learn in the art of Tai Ch'i Chuan. It is easy to learn the practice sets and develop the use of the Dao as an extension of the hand.

    Coming this year

    Tai Ch'i Chuan Sword

    Zhan Zhueng

    Tai Ch'i Chuan Tui Shou

    Tai Ch'i Chuan San Shou

    Coming Soon

    Tai Ch'i Chuan - Theory

    Tai Ch'i Chuan - In Practice


    In thought

    Tai Chi Chuan Double Dao

    Tai Ch'i Chuan Staff and Spear

    Bagua Zhang

    Other volumes are in the mind