Like reeling silk unbroken and never ending.


by Sifu Bob

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Golden Flower Internal Arts


Here is a list of sites that we suggest that you visit. We can attest to the quality of the sites of our teachers and fellow students.

Other sites are added for their value for information and furthering the path or true wude.

Knowledge is power. We recommend reading about all styles of martial arts and their associated philosophy.

If you know of a link that would be of value to others on the path please email me and I will include it here. Reciprocal links are appreciated.

Commercial links related to martial arts and associated equipment will be added. Let us know if you have had a good experience or bad with a commercial site.

Golden Flower Books Grandmaster William C. C. Chen Grandmaster Chen’s Certified Instructors For complete listing of all instructors go to this link. 60 Movement Tai Chi Chuan Instructors For fun browsing here is a list of web sites of Grandmaster Chen’s Students (Please email me if have missed anyone) Dr John P. Painter New Site ! Internal Arts Magazine Jiulong Bagua Zhang Home Page Jiulong Sites The Gompa Dragonjournals Tai Chi and Bagua sites Master Grace Wu Tai Chi Fighter LEE SCHEELE’S ONLINE T’AI CHI CH’UAN Book List Cloud Hands Tai Chi Focused Green Way Research Mike’s full listing – hope you have a lot of time. You can get lost in the volume of material Magazines Qi Journal Tai Chi Magazine Sadly, We acknowledge that we have lost Marvin who brought us this great magazine from when it was a folder to a full magazine. If I find any information on back issues I will post it here. Otherwise guard them with y life! There are some international magazines. I am looking for contact and web information. It will be here when I find any. Martial Arts Sites Mike’s Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts Network Martial Arts Info University of Cal Martial Arts Program The Tae Kwon Do Network Seishin-Do Karate Tye’s Kung Fu Sites of Interest For the Northern Florida Area Dr Li is highly recommended for Acupuncture and Herbs around North Florida Dr Li For Acupuncture and Herbs around Boston south We recommend you contact Dr Fei Yi at Weymouth Acupuncture 781-331-2226 Weymouth Acupuncture Commercial Sites Karate Mart Sakura Martial Art Supply To add a link Include you contact information, a description of the site and suggested category.