Those who have passed before us

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by Sifu Bob

Those who have passed before us

Dr. Daniel Lee (December 15, 1930 – December 14, 2015)

I am sorry I am late in posting this. I have added Dr Painter’s comments on his passing as well as mine.

Dr John P. Painter’s comments

“One of the great “old school” masters and scholars of the Chinese internal martial arts and a very dear old friend of many years has passed on into The Hall of The Masters. Dr. Daniel Lee (December 15, 1930 – December 14, 2015)

Daniel Lee was an amazing practitioner, teacher and perennial student of the internal arts. He also has the distinction of being the first student admitted to Bruce Lee’s new school in the Los Angeles Chinatown district in 1967. Dan first saw Bruce Lee at the 1964 Long Beach Internationals. In 1967 Dan was already a brown belt in Judo, was training Kenpo Karate with Ed Parker, and had achieved his black belt in the system.”

His full statement can be found here

My comments upon learning of his passing

Taijiquan Grandmaster Yam-Man ‘Raymond’ Chung

We want to pass on the news of the passing of my Taijiquan Grandmaster Yam-Man ‘Raymond’ Chung (鍾蔭民; Mandarin—Zhong Yinmin) on Dec. 16, 2018 in Burnaby, BC, Canada from Sam Masich. Please see his page or Face Book for a full biography of this man. Too many of these news articles that I have to pass along. Study hard and respect while you can.

Grandmaster Ben Lo

We sadly announce the passing of Grandmaster Ben Lo. Please study hard with your teachers. They are gone before you know it and not only is that information lost but the impact that they have on your life.