Beauty is given birth through ugliness and good is given birth through evil. Lao Tzu.


by Sifu Bob

Qigong ( Ch’i Gong )


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Qigong (Ch’i Gong) is an internal exercise system that coordinates the four flows of the body which allows the body to make the best use of its built in healing systems to alleviate bad health and sickness. The four flows consist of air, blood, Lymph and Electricity (the nerve transport system). The activity consists of exercises similar to low impact calisthenics but with the emphasis on the use of little muscle force and much mental concentration.

Qigong Book

Anyone can join a class regardless of their physical state. All exercises are customized to the individual. Actions cover standing, sitting and walking activities. Each class consists of a combination of practice, lecture and meditation. Clothing should be loose fitting and flat shoes are preferred for stability. Light weights can be used in some exercise but are not required. A set of heavy hands or a water bottle or two are all that is needed.