Our Teachers

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Our Teachers

by Sifu Bob

Our Teachers

Grandmaster William C.C. Chen

I have had a lot of teachers over the years. Many who I have forgotten for good or bad reasons. I will update this page as I can. I will provide outside links when I can otherwise I will provide what information that is available.

Dr John P.Painter

I studied with Dr Painter in the Jiulong system of Bagua. I never studied with him in his other systems but I listened with interest as he explained the concepts. As he has continued to teach outside of the Texas community he has modified the basic teachings of his bagua system with what he refers to as “rolling the Pearl”. I have not studied this new method of teaching but have continued to study what he originally taught in the early 90’s. He put out in those workshops more than a lifetime of knowledge in this fascinating art. I continue to practice to this day in the “old” method and use it in my teachings.

Master Zhang Jie

I had the great opportunity to study a bagua form with this inspirational man. He has moved to Washington state and was actively teaching. The link is dead but I find references to him still teaching in that area as well as writing some books. More to come as I find out more on him.

Those who have passed

Grandmaster T.T. Liang

TT has passed from us. My thoughts on him and his teaching are on the page above Grandmaster William C.C. Chen My thoughts on this great masterGrandmaster William C.C. Chen Website Grandmaster Chen’s Biography

( from his web site)

Mr BP Chan


Mr B. P. Chan – RIP

The man who would not be called master but was one in every aspect of his life. I had the opportunity to study with him at a few workshops and for many hours at the Tai Chi Farm where he keep a small cabin. He was not only a great Tai Chi master but also a Master of other arts mostly known for his Bagua but also well versed in I Chuan. I spent a hell week with him doing his standing Meditation. He had the finest Chin’na I have seen other than with Grandmaster Liang. When I told him this I think I became a friend for life. He thought very highly of TT. We were hoping to bring him to the Boston area for some seminars when he passed.

Master Cheng Hsiang Yu

Master Yu – RIP

Another Master who has passed. I never had enough time to spend much time with him except some workshops in the 90’s. His top student Bob Murphy was always on the ground. Master Yu taught the throwing aspect of Tai Chi Chuan. I watched many of his students in competitions and they had learned well from him. His students dutifully have carried on and their web site is listed above.

Master Benjamin Lo

Grandmaster Benjamin Lo – RIP

I only have had the opportunity to study with Master Lo in a few workshops. I don’t think now my legs would let me do his style again. Master Lo has the old style of very low and stable postures. The ” how low can you go with Master Lo” phrase is his mantra. He is another of the noted Professor’s students that should be understood since he brings his own interpretation to the art. I have not been able to find an active link directly to him but he is located in California and still does some teaching.